TJ Newsflash: 6 August

6 August 2020

Diverse workforces - you know it makes sense. And now the money people agree. This and more in the week's round up of news.

TJ Newsflash: 30 July

30 July 2020

Among a few other stories, find out how to mentor someone with manipulative tendencies in this week's news round up. Read on...

TJ Newsflash: 23 July

23 July 2020

It's Thursday - it's that time again. Read this week's specially curated news stories in the weeks newsflash. 

Inclusive mentoring programs

29 June 2020

Laura Francis tells TJ why mentoring can be a key part of the move towards true diversity and equality.

Climate Emergency: Our role

23 April 2020

Kimberley Hare takes a step back for a short time.

28 July 2020
Lightbulb Moment founder Jo Cook talks to L&D veteran Donald H Taylor about relationships within L&D and how to successfully engage with the wider business.  
27 July 2020
Terry Streather talks to Lucy Finn, Assistant Director People, Children’s Services – Scotland and North of England, Barnardo's about how her work and staff policies in the current environment.