July 2014

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Written by Debbie Carter on 1 July 2014 in Magazine

The theme of this month’s magazine is creativity and innovation; topics often talked of but in reality rarely achieved.

We have quite a variety of approaches and views on the subject which I know will give you food for thought.

Our cover feature Playing with purpose by Nick Mabey on page 25 explores how creatively designed events can produce such fun and engagement that they can make a very tangible connection to important business issues and are often remembered long after the event takes place.

While Mabey believes these creative events need thought and framework, James Flanagan argues: “Innovation involves change. Change involves risk. Risk involves potential failure. Failure frightens and leads to inaction,” In his view to counteract the fear and inaction we need to build greater personal awareness that enables us to become indifferent to the thought of failing – so increasing our creative thought that leads to innovative action that makes impactful organisational change. Read more on page 29.

In true TJ form we also have our ‘how to’ type of material, like Catching the bug on page 51 where Diane Coolican offers her top tips for kick-starting creativity, and turn to page 39 where Dr Ian Stewart provides a model for developing creative teams able to embed lasting change.

While not ‘badged’ as creativity and innovation Train to sustain from Maggie Owens on page 34 shows how the FedEx L&D department used a broad range of tactics to embed a culture of sustainability in the business – certainly showing the creative side that is present in all good L&D teams.

As part of my role as co-ordinator and occasional judge of the TJ Awards I see plenty of L&D people’s examples of what they consider to be innovative practice and it is quite a mixed bag. What some see as truly creative and innovative in their organisation is often business as usual for others. If you’re considering entering but aren’t quite there yet, you will be pleased to hear that the deadline has been extended to 5pm on the 11th July as we have had numerous requests for more time. Find out more about the deadlines, judging processes and more awards information on page 18.

Away from the theme, Alisdair Chisholm closes the magazine (page 66) with an account of a recent encounter with the X-Box generation.

Until next month – happy reading!

Debbie Carter



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