NIACE keen to work with new Secretary of State to promote learning and skills

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Written on 12 May 2015 in News

NIACE is keen to raise basic levels of skills, a key barrier to productivity and growth

The National Institute Voice for Lifelong Learning (NIACE) has congratulated Sajid Javid on his appointment as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and offers to work closely with him to help deliver his core priorities over the course of this coming parliament.

Drawing on the proposals within their Ten Policies for Ten People document, NIACE is particularly keen to support the new Secretary of State to:

  • help make the system of 24+ Advanced Learning Loans work to meet skills shortages and deliver social mobility;
  • improve the quality and the quantity of Apprenticeships through trials of an Apprentice Charter;
  • raise levels of basic skills, a key barrier to labour-force participation and productivity, through NIACE’s Citizens’ Curriculum; and
  • build on work undertaken across Local Enterprise Partnerships to stimulate demand and broker better skills outcomes through new supply and demand side relationships.

David Hughes, chief executive of NIACE, said: “These are crucial times for the economy. We are not alone in having pointed out how the current skills and employment systems are not working for the UK, for businesses, for people in low pay, for the unemployed and for everyone who wants to get on and realise their ambitions.

“The Secretary of State knows first-hand what people can achieve through determination, ambition and perseverance. Our proposals for the first 100 days of this Government – Ten Policies for Ten People – focus on delivering sustainable growth, improved productivity and career progression for the UK economy.

"Stimulating demand for skills and reforming the current learning, employment and skills systems so that everyone has the opportunities to get on in work and in life - and to support businesses to secure long-term growth - have to be key priorities for this Government. We are very much looking forward to working with the new Secretary of State on this vital agenda.”



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