London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine embrace virtual learning

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Written by Debbie Carter on 4 May 2022 in Press Zone
Press Zone

Leaders and managers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine get set to become STAR ® Coaches

Leaders and managers across both academic and professional services at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), a renowned public health research university, have embarked on an innovative and ground-breaking virtual management development programme. The programme, called STAR® Coach, is provided by Personnel Today’s Learning & Development Supplier of the Year, Notion.

LSHTM, which is proud of its collaborative ethos, has invited 150 staff to join the multi-award-winning programme and participants include both academic and professional services staff and staff from LSHTM’s Units in Gambia and Uganda.

The official launch event which took place in March 2022 was hosted by LSHTM’s Margaret Bentley, Head of Talent and Educational Development and facilitated by Notion’s Senior Client Success Manager, Matt Palmer. 

"We’re confident that this programme will strengthen our leadership approach and further support our collective purpose to improve health worldwide.”

Margaret said: “The launch event was the perfect opportunity to introduce our staff to this exciting programme and to bring them together as a community of learners who will start a new learning journey that will transform their everyday management behaviours. We’re confident that this programme will strengthen our leadership approach and further support our collective purpose to improve health worldwide.”
The following three months will see learners from LSHTM complete STAR® Coach which introduces them to a set of Operational Coaching™ and management skills that can be used every day to improve the quality and outcomes of day-to-day interactions with others.
Matt explained: “During the programme, staff will learn how to use an Operational Coaching™ approach to strengthen their communication style and effectively work with others. The programme seamlessly leads learners through their own learning journey, step-by-step, and crucially gives them the chance to practise their new skills in their own context through a series of work-based missions. This means they will start seeing real results straight away, which in turn encourages further learning and embeds change more deeply.”
The combination of the learning programme and the real-life missions (fully supported by Notion’s Client Success Team) works to increase each learner’s effectiveness as a manager through improved engagement and development of their teams, better communication and increased confidence to tackle difficult conversations and solve problems faster.
“STAR® Coach closely aligns with the strategic direction of the school,” said Margaret. “We want to enhance our inclusive culture by strengthening communication styles, engaging and developing our teams and making the most of our new hybrid work settings. We believe that having our leaders and managers embed a coaching approach into their everyday management style, where they ask more powerful questions and listen more effectively, will help us to go from strength to strength. We’re really looking forward to seeing the wave of change and celebrating the successes that the STAR® programme generates.”
For more information visit or call Notion on +44(0)1926 889 885.

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