The TJ Podcast: January 2022

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Written by Debbie Carter on 25 January 2022 in Podcast

Looking to the future: what does 2022 hold for organisations, their leaders and people?

Questions under discussion:
What do these changes mean to organisations and their people and how are we changing the way we manage people and processes as a result?  
What skills will we need in this need 21st century workplace and how do we ensure people are engaged in a fast-paced learning journey as skills are likely to continue to change at speed?
What role will technology play in this new environment and how confident are L&D professionals in meeting these new demands for skills and managing a range of complex learning tools?
Amy Smyth is head of Right Management’s Centre of Excellence in EMEA and market vice president for European Sales. @RightUpdates
Jennifer C Loftus is a founding partner of, and national director for, the New York City-based Astron Solutions. @AstronSolutions

Jo Cook has been part of the TJ Podcasts since their inception. Jo is founder and director of Lightbulb Moment. @LightbulbJo


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