Me-Time: Life-coach yourself to success

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Written by Jason Yeomanson on 1 January 2010 in Review

Jason Yeomanson reviews

Barrie Pearson and Neil Thomas


ISBN: 1-85418-607-8

Paperback £9.99

Have you ever had the feeling that life and work are drifting along without any apparent structure? Perhaps this book will give you the inspiration to get your life and career under control and on the right track.

Me-Time: Life-coach yourself to success talks you through the expected life-coach territory such as guidance on setting goals, how to keep your career moving upwards and positive advice for building better relationships. It also encourages you, however, to look at and review other areas in your life, such as managing your health, personal finance and how to start up your own business.

Authors Barrie Pearson and Neil Thomas appear to talk from some authority. Both have founded and run successful businesses in the seminar, training and finance arenas, giving the reader confidence in the advice they impart during the 200 pages devoted to improving your lot.

The style of the delivery is straightforward and easy to follow. Pearson and Thomas' use of language is clear and they present their ideas in a vaguely conversational sort of way.

Although the level of detail is not particularly high, I did find the book actually does invite you to asses your particular strengths and weaknesses.

If you are familiar with the 'self-help' genre, I guess that you will have seen some of the information and guidance that's contained in this book before. But there are some interesting chapters that you may not be so familiar with, for example the ones on managing your finances and starting your own business.

The first chapter sets the tone by getting you to complete an exercise to take stock of your assets, described as "a personal MOT". If you have not sat down before and taken stock of your work, health, relationships and finance, this is a worthwhile exercise in personal reflection. Once you have confirmed what sort of 'condition' you are in, the chapters that follow invite you to start creating action plans and setting goals.

And it is here that I think the one true weakness of the book lies. Although the advice is logical and sound, the book can only give you a small amount of detail to enable it to cover such widely contrasting subjects.

So I think that this book does well to whet the appetite, without giving you enough detail or guidance to use it on an everyday basis. I do no tknow if it is the authors' aim, but my impression was this: here is a subject you should look at, such as NLP or Emotional Intelligence, now go and read some books or do some research on the Internet if you want to know more!

Yes, there are some useful tips and ideas but don't read this book if you're looking for really detailed analysis. This book serves well as a solid platform for getting yourself in the right frame of mind to do that analysis.


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