2021 means you’re finally going to have to crack it

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Written by Elke Edwards on 26 January 2021

My husband is an introvert. He has, for his whole career, relied on creating a small but beautifully formed group of work colleagues with whom he shared daily banter, the odd pint and a good dose of gallows humour when the deal they are working on was going south.

I don’t think either of us had realised how important this was to his wellbeing until it was taken away. For the last 10 months he has got up, walked the few steps to his home office (yes, I know, very lucky) and spent often 10-12 hours a day on video calls or staring at a screen.

The projects have been tough, there has been no time for chat… and it wouldn’t cross his mind to call someone just to catch up.

The truth is we now need to be even more proactive and thoughtful about our wellbeing – not just in regard to fresh air and healthy eating but camaraderie and belonging. As we move into a world where working for home will, for many, become the norm we will need to form new and different communities to be part of.

In this world we often spend very little time understanding what WE need to be well

‘Go and meet a mate for lunch one day’ I urged him. ‘Organise to meet someone for a dog walk’.

The truth is he has never done this kind of thing – but I believe it’s what he will have to do if he is going to stay happy and healthy in work. He is going to have to do things differently; he is going to have to be more proactive and look outside of his immediate work community to meet his needs.

In this world we often spend very little time understanding what WE need to be well. We, us personally, ourselves – what do WE need and how do we find the courage and motivation to go out and get it? That is the question I am going to leave you with today.

This year isn’t going to be easy but this is the year you are finally going to have to crack the skill of Proactive Wellbeing. 

Trust me, it’s worth it.


About the author

Elke Edwards is the founder of Ivy House London


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