The big rethink

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Written by Elke Edwards on 23 August 2021

The pandemic has caused many of us to rethink what’s important. Some have spent increased time with family and loved it, others have been separated from theirs and hated it. Most of us have considered how we use our time – wondering about hours spent commuting, in endless meetings, carry vast amounts of stress and perhaps doing jobs we don’t enjoy.

Some amongst us have decided to change things either personally, professionally, or both. The bottom line is - there aren’t many people that have come out of this pandemic without having rethought some, or all aspects of their lives.

And this means a major shift in the leadership landscape. Your leaders, your managers, your talent are not only part of this ‘great rethink’, they are having to help others as they go through it too.

Those who don’t ever want to return to the office, and those that will leave if they can’t be part of a thriving office community. They must help those that have decided they want to shift role, teams, upskill, go part time, retrain and on and on.

As technology 4.0 spreads through our organisations, the more ‘human’ our leaders must become.

The question is, do they have the skills to handle it? Do they understand their own personal journey and know how to support and manage others, through theirs?

As technology 4.0 spreads through our organisations and affects every part of our professional and personal lives, the more ‘human’ our leaders must become. They must do the jobs that only humans can do - developing other people, solving new problems, reading social situations, inspiring teams, challenging the status quo, and collaborating creatively.

We need leaders who can effectively draw the humanness out of those around them, whether face to face, online, across time zones, cultures, or social hierarchies. Leaders who reject the idea that the workplace is where you check your real self in at the door and instead approach their colleagues as living, breathing individuals – not as resources.

The leadership landscape has changed and the sooner we recognise that the better.

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About the author

Elke Edwards is the founder of Ivy House, London


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