Book review: Behind the Mask

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Written by Cara North on 16 October 2019

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Let’s face it, we all wear masks. In Andrée Funnell’s book Behind the Mask, this hits you right from chapter one. 

“You cannot try to be authentic,” Funnell says as a rebuttal to those who may argue you can’t always be yourself. 

As humans, we are complex, intricate creatures whose life experiences help shape us into who we are. 

Behind the Mask gives readers plenty of tools to unpack their true identity and help shed "baggage" 

Depending on those experiences we may or may not want to readily share those with others. 

According to Funnell, that is something we can battle with a little time and effort. 

Behind the Mask gives readers plenty of tools to unpack their true identity and help shed layers, or “baggage” as the author puts it. 

The book is rich in resources, including ways to explore your own value system, how to move on from a bad past experience, and how to create an emotional experience map. 

It also includes helpful case studies dotted throughout to help prepare your thinking for personal and professional growth. 

If you’re ready to start unlocking the mystery to who you are and use this knowledge to make your next move in your career, this book is a great option.

And it would be great for managers to work through with their employees too. 

You can buy Behind the Mask here.


About the reviewer

Cara North is senior learning designer and Ph.D. student at Ohio State University




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