Book review: Invisible Work

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Written by Krista Powell Edwards on 6 November 2020

Invisible work is the ‘The Hidden Ingredient of True Creativity, Purpose and Power’. This is the book’s premise and claim.    

To evidence the claim, the author examines what is required to achieve workplace performance; by individuals, teams, organisations, nations. He summarises the factors that impact on workplace performance. Those in the past, those currently and what will impact on future workplace performance.

He asserts that with the increased use and utilisation of technology and AI, an individual’s work advantage is ‘A mind-set of deeply focused, value-added thinking, framing and sharing’. 

This is challenging to achieve because of its invisibility, and the book addresses the issues that will need to be managed to enable effective invisible work.

The content covers different types of work; six forces reshaping work; issues impacting on the achievement of invisible work including the individual worker, the working environment, technology/AI, and work patterns.

In each area examined, the author provides context, current and future trends, and from these provides assessments of the issues that need to be considered.

This book is useful reading for anyone who wants to consider the future of work and the factors that will impact on it, in the role of individual worker, and/or in the role of managing any workforce or organisation.


About the reviewer

Krista Powell Edwards is an experienced and highly qualified facilitator and trainer. She has designed and delivered workshops face to face and on-line in the UK and internationally since 1995. Krista uses best practice learning and development and presenting techniques.

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