How to tackle poor management

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Written by Barry Johnson on 10 March 2020

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The Government has committed £42.2m to improving UK productivity through research, including £30m for a new 'productivity institute', which it says will tackle barriers to productivity - including poor management practices.

This can only be a massive criticism of executive management in many companies and the failure to invest in training departments capable of facilitating management skill learning.

It is a huge "wow" factor for senior managers when they are exposed to training by trainers qualified in neuroscience. Have your executives any experience of neuroscience?

Dr Tara Swart - neuroscientist, leadership coach and award-winning author - is among those studying how this brain science can be applied in management and leadership training.

They raise thought-provoking questions such as how our understanding of the agility and diversity of thinking can affect our leadership effectiveness.

Is it actually possible to create a whole new mindset and to disrupt deeply embedded leadership patterns? How can our understanding of the agility and diversity of thinking affect our leadership effectiveness?

How can we aid managers and professionals to overcome what some call our "immunity to change"? Can leaders truly be transformed and, in turn, transform their organisations?

These are questions for trainers and executives.

Yes, it will take real investment in people holding these positions. Yes, it is necessary as we plough - apparently blindfolded -  through the multitude of change caused by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

The problem being that many senior people think 4IR is just another technology hike and organisational change, without recognising that old-fashioned thinking and management techniques will leave us exposed and then devastated by the 'young bloods' - those not necessarily young in years, but in understanding because they are working at learning.

Yes, the Government is waking up. But the action has to be soon, or the current crop of trainers and executives will be overtaken by new brain-aware challengers.

How do I know this? My brain is being blitzed by the advancing understanding of these younger, dynamic people who make me understand that I am definitely past my sell-by date.

Are you like me or are you moving with the times?


About the author

Barry Johnson BA, CMCIPD, MCMI, is a non-executive director at Learning Partners Ltd.

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