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Written by Jon Kennard on 16 February 2017

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. As a film fan I couldn’t resist paraphrasing a memorable line from the otherwise forgettable 1990 mafia film ‘The Godfather pt III’. However I didn’t require any pulling, and there was no kicking and screaming. I was only too glad to return to L&D and have had a wonderful response from friends and work contacts over the last few days. Thanks to all who’ve welcomed me back.

After a year away in a digital agency and then freelancing, it’s good to be working once again in an industry that I feel like I never really left, perhaps because I never officially joined either. We’re all involved in L&D all the time, in a way. Learning starts as soon as you open your eyes for that first time. The concept of lifelong learning as opposed to the regimen of formal education is a passion of mine, as is digital publishing, so I’m excited to be taking the reins of TJ online and building on the great work that everyone involved has done so far.

And in working with Debbie, Jo, Jess and everyone else at Dods I’m joining a team of publishing experts who are part of the incredible 50 year (!) history of TJ. I’ve been in L&D for nearly a decade now (and digital media for 15 or so) and I hope some of that experience will keep TJ at the forefront of publishing and learning & development.

If you’re on the events circuit I hope to see you soon and if not, there’s always email/skype/phones/social... the list goes on.

Bye for now!


About the author

Jon Kennard is editor of TJ email


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