A new LMS: Making sure you’re taking your business with you

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Written by Sam Taylor on 28 February 2017

Learning often fails at comms. We seem to often suffer from the 'if you build it, they will come' school of thinking. Which we know doesn’t work. But a good sustained comms plan takes a lot of time. And effort.

Launching our new learning portal meant we needed to think about comms not only for this but our wider plans. This even revolved around trying not to call the LMS an LMS, because who outside of L&D understands what those three letters mean?

Core to the development of the plan was the fact that we weren’t there just to promote our new learning management system, we were there to launch learning for the business. To make colleagues aware that not going on a course is okay. To share our plans for what was coming, and where they could find it. We worked with our comms team to pull this together and had a regular teaser campaign.

We used posters, developed an animation that sat on our intranet, shared our plans and work with our MD and Exec (getting their buy-in is really essential and they were really enthusiastic about how the wider business could support people’s development), used our internal newsletter, developed supporting collateral and handouts... and planned roadshows.

We shamelessly used the power of a freebie. Or five. We listened to our colleagues and the questions they were asking. We listened to the barriers they faced, and now as we plan our budget for the next year, have a prime opportunity to take steps to address this.

We covered all eight sites scattered across the length and breadth of the country in three weeks, meeting more than 300 colleagues to talk to them about their development. It was nothing short of exhausting, but at the same time really rewarding. We didn’t have to sell digital learning as a concept, they recognised that they needed something that suited their ways of working. And wanted something different to the course. People are eager to develop themselves.

This too is not the end. We as a team are committed to continuing to share with the business, with a regular notification about development, with our business topic centred comms of “Taking 10” and generally supporting the development of a learning culture.  

Read part one here and part two here.


About the author

Sam Taylor is a Digital Development Manager whose passion is modernising learning. Sam can be contacted through Twitter @samt_el


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