What happens when Leonora wakes up?

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Written by Paul Matthews on 25 July 2016

Some time ago, Leonora, at least she thinks that’s her name, fell asleep. In her dreams, she’s not even sure why she fell asleep, but she did. It just happened.

And she keeps dreaming…

What was her name again? Leonora? Leanna? Learning? That’s it, Learning. But even that seems shallow, not her true self.

Who am I really?

What can I do?

Why am I here?

If this isn’t unsettling enough, there’s the whispers - the incessant whispers.

Should I ignore them and stay in my dream world, or should I follow them to the mythical surface?

How do I even know they are real?

How do I even know there is anything else more real than this?

I feel safe here. Well, almost safe, because it is familiar.

But change is coming. I can feel it. And the whispers get more insistent, telling me I can be more, if only I would wake up. Are they right?

Above me, at least I think that way is ‘up’, it seems lighter. If the whispers come from anywhere, it is up there, and my hand starts to reach up.

The whispers get louder and I move towards the light, or the light moves towards me. I don’t know any more, it is all so confusing. What was familiar, now seems uncertain. Perhaps even more uncertain than the unknown of the light.

A veil shifts and shimmers, and like smoke, it dissolves. There is definitely something up there in the light, even beyond the surface as the whispers urge me upwards.

I cannot resist. I cannot stay in my dream, even if I wanted to.

I cannot stay asleep forever.

So reaching out, I float towards the surface.

Wondering, and a little scared in my dream.

What will happen soon, when Learning wakes up?

And what will be her name?


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Paul Matthews is the founder of People Alchemy and expert in workplace learning,