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Will we ever see more careers for talented people?

Posted on: 22 April 2016

The continued existence of any organisation is entirely dependent upon learning.

Navigating project, programme and portfolio management training

Written by: Russell Kenrick
Posted on: 20 April 2016

As projects continue to grow in complexity and continue to fail – project and programme delivery capabilities are in the spotlight.

Harnessing HR data to power the organisation

Written by: Armin Hopp
Posted on: 19 April 2016

HR departments traditionally hold most of the data available on the organisation’s key resource – its people.

Attracting Talent: The Innovation Implication

Posted on: 15 April 2016

Many organisations desperately want to attract the best new talent. How can they do it better?

How to tailor induction programmes for new staff

Posted on: 13 April 2016

In my last blog, I looked at the effect of a typical induction programme

Happy Anniversary to me!

Posted on: 3 April 2016

I didn’t realise until the “congratulations” messages started popping up in my LinkedIn notifications, that I had been running my own company for three years.

How brands are bringing outside data in

Written by: Nick Ribeiro
Posted on: 31 March 2016

I recently attended a talk given by a data mining company who work with some pretty big brands.

The 70:20:10 – beyond most organisations

Posted on: 24 March 2016

Last week, like I suppose 85 per cent of Learning and Development folk, I was ‘aware’ of the Charles Jennings 70:20:10 model.

Mind the gap

Written by: Russell Kenrick
Posted on: 16 March 2016

Half of projects fail to deliver the expected business benefits.

The value of networking for Learning and Development

Written by: Helen Blunden
Posted on: 9 March 2016

There is much discussion online about the future of Learning and Development and how teams can support their workforce to build capability during a time of constant change and volatility.

Transforming learning to meet business needs

Written by: Armin Hopp
Posted on: 9 March 2016

Transforming learning is the number one priority for delivering business impact, according to a survey unveiled this month by global research and benchmarking organisation, Towards Maturity.

Are home workers more productive than office workers?

Written by: Alex Beynon
Posted on: 29 February 2016

A lot of modern companies are looking to increase workplace flexibility by allowing their workforce to work from home occasionally if they need to.

Train smarter not harder

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Owners, MD’s and Marketing Managers at training companies regularly tell me they are constantly under pressure to “do more with less” and having to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver t

I don’t have the time

Posted on: 26 February 2016

Jo Cook writes about needing the time for self development.

Change as a service

Written by: Nick Ribeiro
Posted on: 22 February 2016

Halfway through 2008, I was given a supplementary role that enabled me to run a zero-budget Business Unit selling health and safety offerings to, well, every customer segment out there within a rad

Four reasons why language skills are good for your business brain

Written by: Donavan Whyte
Posted on: 17 February 2016

Speaking more than one language can improve a person’s job prospects, potentially opening up opportunities for roles in global business.

Growing through challenge

Written by: Armin Hopp
Posted on: 17 February 2016

In a recent TED Talk by Tim Harford  about how frustrating situations often make us come up with the most creative solutions,

Hi honey, I’m home (with a difference)

Written by: Paul Matthews
Posted on: 17 February 2016

Lots of people get home from work every day and say “Hi honey I’m home”, or something similar, but in a few cases it is different, and very special.

Classroom training is not dead

Posted on: 10 February 2016

Mobile learning, virtual and e-Learning and Apps are all continuing to grow across corporate learning, but contrary to popular belief, classroom training is not dead and it still has a pl

CPD for competitive advantage

Written by: Andrew Gibbons
Posted on: 10 February 2016

Organisations are constantly seeking cost effective and significant sources of competitive advantage.

Men, women and equality today

Written by: Liz Willis
Posted on: 10 February 2016
It’s 46 years since the UK’s Equal Pay Act.

Difficult learning is really worth the effort

Written by: Andrew Gibbons
Posted on: 27 January 2016

After 34 years in the helping people to learn business, I still love the role of nudging people to develop potential and to achieve more, quicker than if left to themselves.

Court, celebrate and keep common sense

Written by: Liz Willis
Posted on: 27 January 2016

I’m a huge fan of common sense. That’s possibly because I tend to find that, contrary to its name, it’s far from common and often tragically missing, disregarded or undervalued.

How to keep up with changes through Best Practice

Written by: Russell Kenrick
Posted on: 20 January 2016

A progress report published this year by The National Audit Office, found that the Government Major Project Portfolio totals 149 projects worth £511bn.

The training money thief

Written by: Paul Matthews
Posted on: 20 January 2016

It was a cold, almost snowy day. Damp and grey. I didn’t want to go, but I was under instructions.

More changes and challenges in store for HR in 2016

Posted on: 20 January 2016

In the Speexx Exchange 2015-16 Survey, we spoke to 220+ HR and L&D professionals who told us what’s happening in their organisations right now with regard

Training trends for 2016

Written by: Donavan Whyte
Posted on: 4 January 2016

Reading time: 3m.

10 steps to take your training business international

Written by: Stuart Banbery
Posted on: 24 December 2015

Creating a robust business model that succeeds throughout the length and breadth of the UK is one of the first and most important steps for an Owner / MD of a training

The Confidence Effect

Written by: Liz Willis
Posted on: 18 December 2015

Having delivered hundreds of women’s development programmes to thousands of women around the world over the years, I’m always amazed and horrified at how many of our issues (I include myself in thi

If x is the problem...does training provide the solution?

Written by: Alex Watson
Posted on: 17 December 2015

Well, that depends what the problem is.