16 April 2021

As the four-day week gains traction Dawn Brown points out the drawbacks and suggests increased flexibility is a necessity to attract and retain the best talent.

15 April 2021

This month Stephanie Davies takes a look at how some organisations are using AI to monitor the activity of homeworkers and asks, what about trust?

12 January 2021

Jon talks to serial CEO Peter Ryding about virtual coaching, his meeting with John Cleese in Las Vegas, and what L&D can learn from last year and take forward into this one.


1 April 2021

Dominic Baker talks about why careers coaching is more important to young people now than ever, and why a coaching partnership is good for your business.

29 March 2021

Manish Sharma talks to TJ about Accenture Operations’ latest research, Fast-Track to Future-Ready Performance

1 April 2013

A library of management development books was recommended by members of the TJ Forum this month. Elizabeth Eyre reports

1 June 2010

As we face an age of austerity, there should be a large audience for a book called re-th!nk, which promises ideas for cutting costs and boosting innovation.

8 April 2021

Learning Pool is thrilled to have partnered with Comic Relief to help develop an inventory of self-directed learning courses, housed on the elearning providers Learning Management System.

29 March 2021

Following a period of sustained investment and growth, Learning Pool is delighted to have moved from Core Leader to Strategic Leader on the 2021 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning.