Advancing Social Mobility at Work

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Ability and aptitude, rather than social background, ought to determine the value of a person’s work. Failure to recognise this undermines your competitive advantage by cutting off a huge pool of talent

Simple changes, such as adapting recruitment processes, using data effectively, and addressing unconscious bias can make a crucial difference in allowing employees, and therefore your business, to prosper. 

At our ‘Advancing Social Mobility at Work’ event, you will be provided with the knowledge and tools necessary to facilitate staff from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and ultimately come away with the actionable insight required to make social mobility in your workplace a reality.

Key speakers:
  • Liz Williams MBE, CEO, FutureDotNow, Social Mobility Commissioner
  • Emily Hodgson, Head of Employer Relations and Business Development, The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF)

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This event is CPD-certified and will contribute towards your professional development. 


Thursday, 17 June, 2021 - 09:00 to 16:15
London & Online
United Kingdom