April 2020

Barbara Thompson talks technology and learning innovation with TJ. 

March 2020

We speak to the newly-crowned L&D Professional of the Year, Rob Stewart. 

February 2020

We get some time with keynote speaker Daniel Hulme before this month's Learning Technologies event at Excel.

October 2019

Workplace learning expert Jane Hart discusses her life in L&D.

August 2019

Elke Edwards tells TJ about her work in L&D and leadership that's led to her Ivy House project.

July 2019

Spotlight interviewee Joe Tidman tells TJ about his continuous learning journey through L&D.

June 2019

Rob Ashcroft, crowned L&D Professional of the year at the 2018 TJ Awards, talks to editor-in-chief Debbie Carter.

April 2019

Change expert Melanie Lepine discusses how influential L&D can be across the business.

March 2019

Goodhabitz boss Maarten Franken tells TJ what makes successful elearning.

February 2019

Hilti's Rachel Hutchinson talks Learning Technologies in advance of this year's event at Excel. 

January 2019

Hello 2019! We take an extensive look at the recent TJ Awards ceremony and all the winners.

December 2018

Charity Learning Consortium CEO Martin Baker talks serendipity and success in L&D.

November 2018

Andrew Jacobs, the inspirational L&D professional and blogger reveals what makes him tick. 

October 2018

Rebecca Stromeyer tells TJ about her L&D inspiration and the remarkable development of the events she runs. 

September 2018

Sales expert and CEO of Imparta Richard Barkey tells TJ how to improve workplace learning.

July 2018

Wellbeing expert Liggy Webb talks about her career in L&D and her focus on resilience.

June 2018

Annie Boate talks transformational coaching, and we examine the world of compassionate leadership.

May 2018

L&D firebrand Donald Clark discusses his life and work, and a renewed focus on AI. 

April 2018

This month we cover culture change, creativity and the future of learning.

Apprenticeship Update 2018

An up-to-date look at The Apprenticeship Levy and the skills agenda in 2018.

March 2018

Learning technology innovator Steve Wheeler talks about his L&D career.

January 2018

Louise Morris is this year's L&D professional of the year. Read her story here.