The ultimate guide to choosing a HR system


The world of work has never looked so different. Organisations are facing more pressure than ever to create a safe environment for their employees.

This guide is for you if you are HR, L&D or any People leader.

Webinar: Perform in the Storm - Help your people and business beyond the pandemic


In this webinar, Kaplan Performance Academy's Sarah Cordwell and Jodi Wellman of Four Thousand Mondays discuss ways to develop people, build trust and re-engage for a better 2021 and beyond.

White paper: The ROI of Coaching - A Holistic View


With coaching’s rising importance, it is indispensable to understand how both the quality of coaching and the outcomes of coaching can be evaluated and ensured.

Webinar: Engaging Stakeholders and the Wider Organisation with Data


In this webinar, Steve Finch, head of customer success and brand ambassador for our partners Thinqi, and Krystyna Gadd of How to Accelerate Learning discuss how you can gather the right data to inform decisions and successfully win over your stakeholders.

Webinar: Pinpoint your endangered skills - understand where to focus your upskilling efforts in 2021


Into 2021, TJ carries on its series of webinars addressing the concerns and issues of companies across the globe, looking to navigate the new normal of business.

White paper: Igniting L&D that fuels business performance


Empower your people to go deeper and connect with the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their skills and perform beyond what you even thought possible.

Webinar: What you need to know about returning to work


In June 2020, TJ kicked off a new series of webinars addressing the concerns and issues of companies across the globe, looking to navigate the new normal of business.

Webinar: Skills mobility - Reskilling and redeploying your workforce


'Skills Mobility: Reskilling and Redeploying Your Workforce' outlines achievable ways to maximise the skills of the workforce for business of all sizes and industries.

TJ Media Pack 2020


Now available for download and new for 2020 - The Training Journal Media Pack.

Free resource: L&D 2020


Download our L&D predictions from the late 2000s. Did we get it right?

Free resource: Wellbeing support


Feeling a bit anxious or lost? Have a look at this collection of resources from Maureen Bowes of People Intelligence. 

Free resource: Life skills library


The life skills library has been designed to be an easy-to-use and engaging resource that hosts a collection of bite-sized tools.

White paper: The digitalization of HR


This paper examines what digital transformation means for an organization’s people.

White paper: Five steps to engage your managers


L&D professionals actually have hidden allies who can really help boost learner engagement: our managers.

Infographic: 29 Learner Engagement Hacks


Achieve better adoption, engagement and impact of all your training solutions with these 29 actionable hacks. 

White paper: Isn't it time to ban training?


New white paper: Find out why emotional intelligence can't be taught in short, traditional training sessions.

Infographic: Workforce productivity


This one-page infographic will help give L&D a louder, more relevant voice.