Infographic: 29 Learner Engagement Hacks

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Training Journal presents Filtered's latest infographic providing 29 actionable strategies to hack your way to better adoption, engagement and impact of all your training solutions (be they digital, classroom, blended, developed in-house, bespoke or free).

Why does learner engagement matter? What has inspired this graphic?

Everyone's frantic. No-one has any time. The modern worker finds just 1 percent for learning. We're interrupted hundreds of times a day by a device in our pockets. Many learning experiences have been off-putting (poor content, compliance) for years.

So it's hard for us learning professionals to make learning happen. This can be frustrating. In servicing hundreds of clients and almost a million consumers, Filtered have discovered and created many solutions - some of which are a bit hacky and could be useful to you and your company.

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