Free resource: L&D 2020 - a guide for the next decade

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This ebook has been written to assist those who work in learning and development roles – the specialist professionals who carry responsibility for knowledge and skills development in organisations. Traditionally, the term ‘trainer’ has been used to describe this job. 

However, as the nature of business competition has changed, so a bewildering variety of job titles has appeared: learning, training and development; people development; organisational development; talent development; talent management. 

In accordance with the recent research undertaken by TJ, the title ‘learning and development (L&D) professional’ will be used throughout this ebook. It would be foolish to become hung up on arguments about titles or reporting lines; what matters is the role and effectiveness in the organisation.

Download Martyn Sloman's seminal 2010 research ebook beneath.

About the author

Martyn Sloman is a research academic who specialises in learning, training and development. He has extensive practical experience as a training manager.