Webinar: Perform in the Storm - Help your people and business beyond the pandemic

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The effects of the pandemic have accelerated the need for the acquisition and application of new workplace skills. Learning is once again centre stage and it’s time to really get a handle on how we can use learning to better support our teams, people, and businesses.

In this webinar, Kaplan Performance Academy's Sarah Cordwell and Jodi Wellman of Four Thousand Mondays discuss ways to develop people, build trust and re-engage for a better 2021 and beyond. Watch the webinar and you'll learn about:

  • Disruption - How do we manage ongoing change and what does it mean for the future
  • Digitalisation - How can we learn to manage, mentor, collaborate and create effectively in a digital environment?
  • Disengagement - How do we re-engage and regain our teams’ trust?
  • Diversity - How do we become truly inclusive?

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